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Men's tungsten steel magnet and mineral 4/1

Band4life tungsten steel magnet and mineral bracelets are infused with magnets. Scientific research has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems, attract and repel charged particles in the blood stream increasing circulation, stimulate tissue regeneration, and reduce pain and stiffness related to arthritis and sports activities like tennis or golf. They are infused with negative ions they emit approximately 6,000 to 8,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter per second making it one of the strongest negative ion bracelets in the world. They are infused with far infrared rays that have the longest wavelength of any kind of infrared light, and thus are the only kind of infrared light that can deeply penetrate the human body. When emitted by the sun or our Band4life magnet and mineral bracelets, Far infrared rays penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues and is transformed from light energy into heat energy bringing about many beneficial effects. They are infused with germanium power that detoxifies the blood.